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Chapter 475 A Serious Relationship (1)

  • Xia Micheng paused for a while.
  • Lu Yuzhen rubbed her belly back and forth with his hands before burying his handsome face in her hair. “We didn’t take any contraceptives...” he said.
  • Deep down, she knew very well that it was unnecessary since she would not be living long.
  • As such, she turned around and looked at him with her watery eyes. “No! I want to have a baby with you!”
  • As soon as she said that, Lu Yuzhen’s eyes darkened; he then pinned her against the wall with his arm around her waist. “Micheng, stop fooling around!” he warned in a hoarse voice.
  • “I want to have a baby for you. Don’t you want to be a daddy?” she asked. “Besides, even if I do get pregnant, I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to get an abortion.”
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