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Chapter 526 I Will Be the Brightest Star

  • Li Yuntong was rejected for the very first time. Being the precious daughter from the richest family in Beijing, no one dared to turn down her request before this. Who does she think she is to be so high-hat? She’s just an actress!
  • However, everyone knew that Ye Yuan had a very strong supporter. This strong supporter had helped arrange the collaboration between Ye Yuan and Fly Jewelry, which was the business belonging to Lu Group.
  • For now, Li Yuntong didn’t want to deal with Ye Yuan first to avoid putting herself in hot water. She would try to prevent having conflicts with her.
  • “Yuntong, Ye Yuan’s Fire Dance went viral on the internet last year. When our cheerleading squad followed the trend and covered that dance last year, it amazed everyone at the basketball match. Moreover, Ye Yuan’s management team are all elites. I heard other celebrities tried to persuade the make-up artist of Ye Yuan to work with them by offering millions but ended up failing. Ye Yuan has a very sharp taste in trending fashion. We would definitely win this time if she could collaborate with us. Who would’ve expected her to actually turn us down?! What a shame.”
  • Li Yuntong clenched her fists. “Forget about it. We shouldn’t waste much time on Ye Yuan since she doesn’t want to work with us. We’re running out of time, so let’s work with Tang Li instead.”
  • Tang Li was one of the popular top stars in the entertainment industry too. Both Ye Yuan and Tang Li were rivals who competed with each other all the time.
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