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Chapter 38 Turning an Act Into Reality

  • Mr. Fu was so shocked that his knees went weak. He looked at Madam Lu in shock, who was trying to push the blame away, and wondered who was the one who said that she would bear the full responsibility just now.
  • Madam Lu then forced out an apologetic smile. “Mr. Fu has quite the guts. Nonetheless, since he’s a first-time offender, let’s not get petty about it.”
  • Madam Lu talked as if she was being wronged. “Coming back to the point, Yuzhen, why are you so worked up? People say that a little break from each other could do wonders to a marriage. There’s nothing wrong with young people being passionate in love. At least I can have great-grandchildren soon.”
  • Lu Yuzhen then pursed his lips. “Grandma!”
  • “I know, I know… Yuzhen, do you know how embarrassed I am in front of those old ladies? They keep mocking me when we’re playing mahjong. They keep bragging about how adorable their great-grandchildren are. They are literally bullying me for not having any great-grandkids! Yuzhen, have some pity for me. I’m already so old. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be living in this world. If I still don’t have the chance to see my great-grandchildren before the day I die, I won't die peacefully.”
  • Lu Yuzhen quickly shut the bedroom door.
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