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Chapter 455 Who Are You?

  • Lu Xinang's glance fell on Xia Micheng again. Does she know those people? Or, is there anyone there who is on her side? He felt that he had never understood this lady.
  • Right at this moment, a sweet and pleasant voice of a flight attendant came through the broadcast. "Attention all passengers. Flight C81 to Beijing is now boarding…" We are boarding.
  • "Young Master Lu, should we go through security from the VIP lane?" Initially, Lu Xinang was supposed to fly in his private jet, but due to his concern that something might happen to Xia Micheng, he had booked the same flight as her. Lu Xinang did not respond. All of a sudden, the phone in his pocket rang, and the caller ID that popped up on the screen was ‘Mom’. It was a call from Liu Zhaodi.
  • Lu Xinang lifted his head to take a quick look at Xia Micheng. He then turned around and walked toward a quiet corner to answer the phone. "Hello, Mom."
  • "Xinang, are you boarding soon? Your Aunt Feifei told me on the phone that you have found the girl that you like and will be bringing her back to Beijing. I will be at the airport then, so please bring her to me as I'd love to meet her. You must be really skilled to have found a girl both you and your Aunt like."
  • Lu Xinang clinched his lips and turned even more indifferent. "She's not the kind of lady you’d imagine."
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