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Chapter 238 Ugly Girl’s Great Transformation

  • Li Qianhui sucked in a harsh breath. Even though she loved her daughter very much, she didn’t want to die either. “Keke, you…”
  • Meanwhile, at Privy Research Center, Zhao Liying’s complexion was unsightly; he had found out that Xia Micheng was Lu Yuzhen’s wife. Everyone else in Haicheng City was aware of this, hence it was only natural for the news to spread in the research center.
  • His colleagues nearby were discussing this as well.
  • “A while back on the research center forums, people were saying that Xia Micheng seduced Mr. Lu into having an affair. Who would have thought that they’re legally husband and wife? No wonder Mr. Lu came by in his Rolls-Royce to personally pick Xia Micheng up.”
  • “Xia Micheng’s a famed woman now; everyone has been retweeting her posts and begging her to put in a word for them.”
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