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Chapter 490 Its Name Is Fluffy

  • Li Yuntong lowered her gaze quickly. In her sight, she saw a snow-white kitten running toward Lu Yuzhen’s feet. With its head raised, it was using its big, black eyes to glare at her fiercely all the while meowing non-stop, as if it was saying, ‘Meow! Meow meow! Get away from my owner!’
  • Li Yuntong felt embarrassed at once. It was widely known that Lu Yuzhen had returned three months ago with a pet; it was this kitten.
  • As most dominant businessmen like Lu Yuzhen kept Tibetan mastiffs or golden retrievers as their pets, it was jaw-dropping to find that his pet was actually… a kitten.
  • Despite Lu Yuzhen’s domineering appearance was a mismatch with it, he adored this kitten and brought it along with him everywhere.
  • Li Yuntong also knew that this kitten really disliked her.
  • Just when she was going to kiss Lu Yuzhen’s lips, this kitten had come between them.
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