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Chapter 1406 The Mole

  • Lu Zhengzhe stood with Guan Zilong outside. The atmosphere between the two men was quiet and depressing, but Lu Zhengzhe broke the silence almost immediately. “You should leave. I can’t tolerate your presence and I do not wish to ever see you again.”
  • Guan Zilong looked up at the sky through the window. “I’ll leave once Feifei wakes up.” With that, he turned around to leave.
  • The next thing he knew, Lu Zhengzhe’s calm voice spoke to him from behind, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?”
  • Guan Zilong paused and he responded slowly, “I might have made some mistakes when I was bewitched by the Demon’s bell all those years ago, but... Feifei wasn’t the only one who was stunned by Liu Yingluo’s beauty. I was one of them too. It was on your wedding day when she stood under the dim lighting as she suddenly turned back—I’ve never forgotten that sight until this day.”
  • “Feifei admires my talent. I can imagine the pain she would suffer from when she finds an entire drawer full of Liu Yingluo’s portraits and that I drew another woman with my talent that she very much admires. I’ve hurt two people simultaneously, and as for Liu Yingluo, she has never engaged in any affairs with me. I hope you wouldn’t have any misunderstanding with her again because I was the one in the wrong from the beginning.” Then, Guan Zilong left, vanishing from Lu Zhengzhe’s sight.
  • Lu Zhengzhe’s tall and sturdy figure stood tall alone. His handsome face was devoid of emotions and it was impossible to decipher what went on in his mind. Xia Micheng approached him at that moment while greeting him obediently, “Uncle Lu.”
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