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Chapter 145 It Hurts! You Hurt Me!

  • Ye Yuan went to the washroom. She patted her cheeks with cold water before coming out of the washroom.
  • When she was in the hallway, she saw a rich young man walking toward her, who was stunned by her beauty. “Ye Yuan, did you come back to Haicheng City?”
  • The rich young man looked at Ye Yuan with an intense gaze. She was still a young innocent 18-year-old girl who had yet to show her feminine grace when she left the city. Within just two years, she had matured and turned into a gorgeous young lady. Her exquisite features, which included the mesmerizing glittering eyes and the beautiful red lips on her face were fatal attractions that would seduce any man.
  • The rich young man leered at Ye Yuan’s body. Her body was so alluring and sensual that even the media described her as a natural seductress with such a body. She wore a short little vintage wine-red blouse which showed off her fair and supple skin perfectly. She looked stunning and sexy with her brown wavy hair laid casually across her shoulders.
  • “Ye Yuan, you’ve become a superstar after two years, and we can only see you on television now. Since I’m lucky enough to meet you here, why don’t I buy you a drink?” the rich young man said with a lewd smile on his face.
  • Ye Yuan stood there motionlessly and looked at the rich young man with her attractive bright eyes. “A lot of men like to buy me a drink. Who are you to buy me one?”
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