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Chapter 255 A Completely Different Attitude

  • A stiff smile crossed Lu Feifei’s face. “You don’t have to fetch me at the airport. I was thinking that you would be busy with your work.”
  • Lu Yuzhen unbuttoned his suit with his long fingers, his face expressionless. The butler, Mr. Fu, passed a wet handkerchief to him politely and he took it over to wipe his hands. His noble status as a prominent business tycoon and the master of Orchid Garden was shown through his cool and matured temperament.
  • Lu Feifei was not a saint, and she would never forget about her misfortune. Hence, she had always disliked her nephew, Lu Yuzhen. Despite that, she had to admit that Lu Yuzhen perfectly inherited the natural talent in entrepreneurship of the members of the Lu Family.
  • As the eldest son of the Lu Family, Lu Yuzhen invested in several unpopular crude oil futures with a sum of money given to him by his grandmother on Chinese New Year Eve when he was in his teens. No one had ever expected that he would earn his first pot of gold with just a small amount of money invested in the futures. Two weeks later, the value of the crude oil futures spiked unexpectedly; the amount of profit he earned was tenfold of his investment amount.
  • Later on, Lu Yuzhen ventured into the business world. His father used to pass several unprofitable and poorly managed projects under the Lu Group to him. With his precise and visionary insights, as well as his resolute personality, he managed to save those projects, making them profitable within just a month under his management. Thus, Lu Yuzhen was a child prodigy in entrepreneurship who became really successful in the business world when he was still in his teens.
  • Lu Feifei recalled that Lu Yuzhen did not receive any financial support from the Lu Family when he first came to Haicheng City; he built his business empire with his own effort. Yet, he became an influential business tycoon who had everything under his control in the city within just six to seven years of time; he had attained the most honorable and powerful status he could possibly achieve in his life.
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