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Chapter 1421 Su Cheng Was Beaten

  • “Well,” the person on the line spoke. “Mr. Su Cheng was beaten last night and is now being treated in our hospital."
  • What? Su Cheng was beaten up? “'Who did it? Is it serious?”
  • “A van without a license plate dashed out of nowhere while Mr. Su was driving. A few strong men alighted from the car, dragged him out, put a bag over him, and started to hit him. Mr. Su is fine; it’s just external injuries. He will recover after a few days’ rest.”
  • Liu Yingluo’s tense muscles finally relaxed a little. She had already made it clear to Su Cheng and he had decided to give up. They would still be family and friends, so she didn’t want to see him in danger. But, who was the one who beat Su Cheng up? “Are there any clues?”
  • “Those strong men said ‘Chairman Lu’ before they left,” the doctor replied.
  • Chairman Lu? Lu Zhengzhe? Liu Yingluo’s pupils contracted. She never expected Lu Zhengzhe to send people to beat Su Cheng up, but he was indeed a domineering and arrogant man who would do such a thing. He had the history of beating Su Cheng up and it was considered light this time. She boiled with rage when she hung up. What on earth does he want? He beat Su Cheng up yet he also got himself a new lover? She felt that it was necessary to ask Lu Zhengzhe.
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