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Chapter 1642 He’s Gone

  • Lu Yuzhen lifted the corner of his lips upward and answered, “Yes.”
  • “This powerful medicine once restored your heart failure issue and helped bring you back to life, but obviously the treatment was interrupted and it accelerated the deterioration of your body’s condition.”
  • Lu Yuzhen nodded. “That’s right. Someone once gave me this powerful medicine, but I was forced to stop the treatment due to some accident. Later, when I was saved by Longfan, he found a team of experts in the medical field to study that medicine, but they could only trace a few ingredients in it. By adapting the formula of the ingredients they found, they created a type of western medicine for me to consume in order to keep me alive. However, until now, no one could fully dissect the correct formula of this powerful medicine.”
  • Xia Micheng’s eyes were sparkling when she asked excitedly, “Who is that someone? Mr. Lu, who is the person who gave you this powerful medicine? You will be saved once we find him!”
  • “What’s more, heart failure has always been the biggest challenge to be overcome in the medical field. Who is this genius? How smart he is for finding the solution to cure heart failure issues!”
  • Lu Yuzhen locked his gaze on her. She was a doctor too. Listening to the news, her bright eyes were shining like glowing gems. A glimmer of hope flashed across her face.
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