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Chapter 882 Father-in-Law!

  • Old Master Ye was losing his sanity. In his life, he was always obsessed with power, so he did all he could to push the Ye Family right to the top, but now, Li Zhanming was about to smash it all to pieces. No matter how high Li Zhanming once held him, he was now about to let him fall tragically.
  • Li Zhanming didn’t want to see these three members of the Ye Family ever again, so he walked away without even batting an eye on them. Lu Yuzhen and the personal butler also followed him out, and with a bang, the door was closed.
  • After being locked inside, Old Master Ye banged on the door while shouting on the top of his lungs, “Let me out! Let me out now! I don’t want to stay in this godforsaken place!”
  • Meanwhile, Li Yuntong was crying her eyes out in shock. She was just 20 years old, which was her blossoming age; she never thought that she would spend the rest of her life in this dark and humid place. “Grandfather, Mommy, please save me. I want to leave here. Ah!” She let out a crumbling scream.
  • Ye Zi quickly reached out to hold Li Yuntong in her arms. Then, the mother and daughter curled up together at a corner while they trembled with fear. At the moment, Old Master Ye slowly calmed himself down and sat on a chair with a sinister and chilling look on his face. Nobody knew what he was thinking about inside, but his blurry eyes kept on rolling; he looked terrifying.
  • “Dad, what should we do now? I’m already brought in here. Are you and Yuntong going to spend your lives here too?” Ye Zi cried while she asked.
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