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Chapter 623 I Really Missed Mr Lu

  • A man in black was driving. Another three men in black surrounded Xia Micheng. They were extremely satisfied with the appearance of the girl in their car; she was indeed one of a kind.
  • The driver couldn’t wait any longer as he urged the others, “Do it fast. Have your fun. When you’re done, it’s my turn.”
  • “Don’t be so impatient. How can we do it quickly with a girl as pretty as her? You two do it first and I’ll film. The hirer specifically ordered us to take more photos and videos.”
  • One of the men took out his phone and snapped a close-up shot of Xia Micheng’s face which he was tugging at. “Look at this. How pretty is this face? Quick, take her clothes off so that we can check out her body.”
  • “I’m doing it.” Another man tore apart Xia Micheng’s T-shirt collar with both hands. Along with the sound of ripping fabric, Xia Micheng’s round and smooth shoulders were exposed to the air. The sight made the three men gape, their eyes bulging out. “Wow! Her skin is as white as milk, and it’s so silky to touch. F*ck, I feel so high right now like I am on drugs. I can’t stand it anymore. Let me go first!”
  • Xia Micheng’s long lashes trembled but she could not open her eyes. She felt a chill on her skin as she heard the few men laughing in a lewd and excited manner next to her ear, and it made her feel like puking.
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