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Chapter 537 Micheng Is a Beautiful Cook

  • The next morning, Lu Yuzhen got up later than usual because he had been rolling in his bed the night before. He got up several times for some cold showers before he managed to put his desire under control. That was why he looked gloomy and tired that morning.
  • He first checked in on his grandmother in the adjacent room. But when he pushed open the door, he was surprised to see that his grandmother wasn’t there.
  • His pupils contracted and his lips pursed in anxiousness. For the past three months, Madam Lu had never wanted to step out of her room. Where is she?
  • “Mrs. Wu, where is Grandma?”
  • He scurried down the stairs and soon halted his steps when he moved into the living room, because he saw Madam Lu in the kitchen. Due to the fact that she had been ill for a long time, Madam Lu was sitting in a wheelchair with a soft blanket on her lap. As the bright sunlight filtered through the kitchen windows and cast its glow at Madam Lu, she reveled in the warmth brought by the sun.
  • Lu Yuzhen’s tensed muscles relaxed at once upon finding out that his grandmother was alright. However, he was perplexed as to why his grandmother was willing to step out of the room finally and enjoy herself under the sun.
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