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Chapter 312 Hmph! You Pervert!

  • Without any doubts, Ye Yuan knew it was that guy who did this. So, she stood up and said, “Maybe it’s just some kind of technical problem. Anyway, it’s about time to end, so I think we should call it a day.”
  • The assistant nodded enthusiastically. They made a crazy amount of profit for the day’s livestream. The viewers basically bought everything Ye Yuan promoted. “Ye Yuan, you guys have a rest first while I’ll ask our support team to sum up all the profits we earned today. Then, I’ll ask them to transfer your share of the profits into your account accordingly.”
  • Ye Yuan was very pleased with what the assistant said. The reason she chose this livestream channel was their prompt money transaction. “Alright then, we’ll wait for a while.”
  • Someone delivered them some deserts and milk tea. Xia Micheng quickly massaged Ye Yuan’s shoulders and legs. “Ye Yuan, you must be tired. How could you possibly sell so many things within such a short period of time? You really surprised me!”
  • Ye Yuan picked up a little white bare back dress with her fair and soft finger. She winked at Xia Micheng suggestively. “Micheng, this is the dress I saved exclusively for you.”
  • Xia Micheng stared at the bare back design of the dress. Her fair earlobes turned red with shyness. She waved her delicate hands and rejected her offer. “What is this? I don’t want it!”
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