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Chapter 1385 Generous

  • Lu Yuzhen didn’t bat an eye on Mr. and Mrs. Shen. Instead, his deep narrow eyes fell on the maid. “Where is Miss Xia?”
  • The maid had a look at the married couple before turning her head toward Lu Yuzhen. “Mr. Lu, Miss Xia just left…” She left angrily because of these two people that you brought back!
  • Immediately, Lu Yuzhen pressed his thin lips. She actually left me. I just told her not to run around. What a disobedient little thing!
  • Then, he turned around to go upstairs.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Shen kept on babbling, but Lu Yuzhen had no intention of listening to them; he even treated them like they were invisible. Hence, they immediately said to him, “Mr. Lu, about Lian—”
  • Lu Yuzhen paused his steps and landed his deep narrow eyes on the married couple. His gaze was so cold that no one could see what he was thinking. “The private doctor just came. Your daughter is fine. She just needs some rest.”
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