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Chapter 1015 I Don’t Want to Hear That!

  • Lu Yuzhen curled his thin lips and laughed cruelly. “Since I can sleep with you, I can do so with other women. I want you to listen closely to how I pleasure other women!”
  • Xia Micheng’s hands turned cold immediately as all warmth had left her. After a few seconds, she finally returned to her senses. Indeed, she had guessed correctly. “Lu Yuzhen, I don’t want to do that! Are you a psycho? Let me out! I don’t want to listen to that!”
  • Psycho?
  • Perhaps I am. But this is all because of her. She forced me to become someone like this.
  • Lu Yuzhen ignored Xia Micheng and looked at Shan indifferently with a pair of profound eyes before ordering hoarsely, “Come here.”
  • Shan had heard the conversation between them, but she was a little confused about it. However, after Lu Yuzhen had invited her, she quickly walked to him flirtatiously and wrapped her arms around him before leaning forward to kiss his thin lips immediately. “Chairman Lu…”
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