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Chapter 859 Another Visitor

  • Ye Zi was frightened, but she forced herself to calm down. I can’t allow Xia Micheng’s identity to be exposed. Otherwise, my years of scheming and everything Yuntong has right now would vanish in an instant.
  • She then answered with a smile, “Zhanming, what are you talking about? I am the woman from that night. You refused to contact me throughout the years, but you still remember the night we shared. I admit that I was trying to get close to you because I wanted to have a child with you. I even had a test tube ready because I wanted to… I wanted to steal your DNA. However, I didn’t expect you to…” Ye Zi flashed him a shy expression.
  • Li Zhanming had no further comment and merely observed Ye Zi in silence, as if trying to figure something out.
  • Ye Zi knew that she had phrased everything flawlessly because she saw the test tube on the carpet that Lin Hurou left behind that night. Ye Zi was sure that Li Zhangming saw it too. Nevertheless, she felt very anxious as Li Zhanming looked at her quietly. His gaze was not intense, but it felt like a penetrating X-ray scanning the depths of her heart and she had no idea what went on in his mind.
  • At this moment, Li Zhanming stood up abruptly to leave.
  • “Zhanming!” Ye Zi stopped him swiftly. “I made countless mistakes and I have received the punishment I deserve. However, Yuntong is our biological daughter. You have to take good care of her. A girl needs her parents’ love in the first twenty years of her life whereas her husband would cherish her for the rest of her life. Hence, you have to help Yuntong by planning her marriage. Yuntong is in love with Lu Yuzhen, so you have to help her marry into the Lu Family.”
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