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Chapter 575 Seeing Through Everything

  • Li Yuntong was stunned seeing Lu Xinang, for she didn’t expect him to show up here.
  • Lu Xinang was the second young master of the Lu Family, although he rarely basked in his family’s glory. He had always been an indifferent person who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Therefore, he never really hung around with Li Yuntong when they were little, and she was hardly close with him.
  • Li Yuntong swiftly reached out for her phone and sent a text to Ye Youxuan, the Ye Family’s milady. ‘Your crush has come to University T.’
  • Within seconds, Ye Youxuan replied, ‘Has he? Send me a video of him, Yuntong.’
  • Li Yuntong opened her WeChat and took a video of Lu Xinang before sending it to her. At this moment, there was a slim silhouette walking closer to him. “Lu Xinang.”
  • Li Yuntong paused what she was doing and looked up, only to find Xia Micheng approaching Lu Xinang.
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