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Chapter 236 A Mystery

  • “Dad, what kind of person was Xia Micheng’s mother? Was she the one who authored the code? What connection does she have with Beijing?” Xia Keke asked.
  • As he recalled the divine lady from the past, Xia Chunyang’s originally rabid expression changed into a wistful, gentle, and nostalgic one. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know anything; I know very little about her. All I know is that Beijing is the capital of the medical field. There are many undiscovered talents and geniuses hiding in this city, and there are plenty of branches of medicine; that is most certainly an area that we regular people are not able to access. She… was from Beijing. As for the rest… The old man should know a little bit more, but he’s never told me anything.
  • Xia Micheng’s mother, Lin Hurou, was a mystery. No one had ever been able to truly understand her.
  • Xia Keke did not speak; she hadn’t been able to get any information on Lin Hurou’s past. From what her instincts were telling her, Lin Hurou seemed to have mysterious yet mighty powers. If she was the author behind that medical codex, then that would make her utterly terrifying.
  • She had only read through the first volume, but it was already enough to shock her to the core. She didn’t know how many other volumes there were, as well as their current whereabouts. Nevertheless, old higher-ups from Beijing had constantly been searching for the medical codex.
  • Lin Hurou had left the first volume of this codex for her own daughter, Xia Micheng, before passing away.
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