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Chapter 1119 She’s Taking Birth Control Pills

  • Lu Yuzhen frowned unhappily when he saw Xia Micheng pretending to sleep as he gazed at her miserably.
  • Xia Micheng was ignoring him. Lu Yuzhen is always trying to snatch me away from Chikai each time the latter is around. He wouldn’t stop pestering me each time another man is involved. In any case, I will not indulge him. We were in Beijing the last time we were intimate. I was afraid of the pain, so I took an aphrodisiac before we slept together. My little boy is so soft, and it feels so good hugging him. He feels so much better than Lu Yuzhen’s firm and sculpted chest. She fell asleep soon enough.
  • I can’t believe she fell asleep so quickly, within such close proximity, no less. Lu Yuzhen suddenly felt insecure. My position is threatened! He then leaned forward with his large and sturdy body before planting a firm kiss on the woman’s forehead with his thin lips. He maintained this position because he didn’t want to move. Lu Chikai was sleeping between the two of them and they were the perfect picture of a family of three.
  • Lu Chikai moved suddenly—most probably unhappy that Lu Yuzhen pressed against him. Lu Chikai pushed his bottom backward, trying to shove Lu Yuzhen away. Lu Yuzhen was rendered speechless by Lu Chikai’s reaction. He moved away from Xia Micheng’s forehead to sleep on another side alone. He looked sideways and realized that Lu Chikai hugged Xia Micheng tightly—in fact, both mother and son were deep asleep.
  • A deep frown etched across Lu Yuzhen’s handsome face. After that, he reached out with his large hand to grab Lu Chikai’s hand. He pried Lu Chikai’s tiny hands away from Xia Micheng’s waist. Then, he picked Xia Micheng up, so she ended up sleeping between both father and son now. Lastly, Lu Yuzhen reached out to push Lu Chikai farther away. Perfect!
  • Lu Yuzhen extended his arm as a pillow for Xia Micheng. They lay down facing each other where her soft body pressed against his broad chest. Her thick and curly eyelashes were pointed downward. She was fast asleep and her cheeks were slightly flushed pink from sleep. He nibbled her pink lips softly before closing his eyes.
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