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Chapter 183 As Long as You Don’t Leave

  • Lu Yuzhen did not talk much on this night, but Xia Micheng could already guess what kind of distorted family he grew up in.
  • Actually, Xia Micheng had a huge interest in the story about Lu Yuzhen’s parents. How did they end up in this situation with such strong love and hate?
  • One thing was for sure—Lu Yuzhen was the victim of his parents. Some people grew up in a happy childhood, but some people spent their whole lives healing the wounds from their childhood.
  • Lu Yuzhen was the latter.
  • Xia Micheng felt sorry for Lu Yuzhen. She reached out to him and wrapped her arms around his firm waist. Then, she nodded heavily. “Mr Lu, as long as you don’t leave me, I’m yours forever.”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s strong arms suddenly tightened as he held Xia Micheng closer to him. When Xia Micheng was about to fall asleep, he whispered, “Micheng, I will become a better man…”
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