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Chapter 151 Stay at My Place Tonight

  • Ye Yuan held a ‘9’.
  • Huo Qing had a ‘3’, Xia Keke had an ‘8’, while Ye Yuan had a ‘9’.
  • Gu Longfan would have to choose one of these three to kiss.
  • “Holy cow! What luck! Who do you want to choose to kiss, Young Master Gu?” Everyone quickly urged him.
  • Huo Qing couldn’t hold down her excitement for actually getting ‘3’.
  • Since Ye Yuan was Gu Longfan’s sister, she would be out of the race first. Meanwhile, Xia Keke was in love with Lu Yuzhen, and Gu Longfan wouldn’t snatch his brother’s woman, so she was also out of the race. That meant that Huo Qing had the best chance of receiving this kiss.
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