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Chapter 1066 A Sweet Night for a Family of Three

  • Xia Micheng never expected Lu Chikai to recover this smoothly. Not only was he able to speak clearly, he even pronounced his words firmly. He didn’t seem to have any problems talking. “Miss Goddess, don’t worry, I’m fine now. I really miss you. Please stay and sleep with me tonight, Miss Goddess.”
  • Lu Chikai never wanted to tell his mommy about the things that he already knew because he was afraid that it would scare her. Now, his sculpture-like face looked so innocent and cute, which was completely different from his cold and outrageous three-year-old CEO face. Since Xia Micheng was heading to Huaxi Province tomorrow and this was her last night in Beijing, she definitely hoped to sleep together with him. “Alright, Chikai. I’ll help you with your bath.”
  • ...
  • In the bathroom, Xia Micheng helped Lu Chikai with his back. Meanwhile, the little boy held a towel to cover his private parts while giving Xia Micheng a sweet smile. “Alright, Miss Goddess. You can go out now. I can shower myself.”
  • Seeing the way the boy covered his body, it looked so cute and embarrassing. She then touched the tender face of the boy with the bubbles on her finger. “Chikai, I’m your Miss Xia, so you don’t need to hide from me.”
  • The little guy blew the bubbles on his hands to Xia Micheng’s face. “But my daddy warned me not to let you see my little sprout!”
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