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Chapter 1374 He Is My Husband

  • Xia Micheng let loose of her fingers and stopped struggling. Lu Yuzhen’s Adam’s apple bobbed. He didn’t want to bring her home tonight, but also, he had no intentions of going to her house because… he couldn’t wait much longer. When he lifted his head, he saw a hotel in front of him. Therefore, he pulled Xia Micheng’s hand and dragged her over straight away.
  • “Mr. Lu, where are we going?”
  • “We are going to a hotel to get a room.”
  • Xia Micheng’s long lashes trembled instantly. What is he doing?!
  • Lu Yuzhen would never change his decision. Xia Micheng stumbled as he dragged her inside impatiently. This wasn’t a high-class hotel since it was a small inn. The receptionist was a lady, and she was now watching the television.
  • Lu Yuzhen held Xia Micheng with one hand while he raised his other hand to knock on the desk with his delicate fingers. Knock-knock-knock. The rhythm was strong and powerful. The lady quickly lifted her head, and her eyes lit up the moment she saw Lu Yuzhen. “M-Mister, are you planning to stay a night?” She never had the chance to see an exquisite specimen like Lu Yuzhen before in a small inn like this. The receptionist was now dumbfounded because he looked like someone who had just descended from heaven.
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