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Chapter 769 She Still Chooses Lu Yuzhen in the End

  • Xia Micheng turned around and saw that Lu Yuzhen was here.
  • Today, Lu Yuzhen wore a black hand-tailored suit. Tall and well-built, he walked toward her by taking several strides with his long legs; each step he took carried a powerful, autocratic aura as if an emperor had arrived.
  • The noisy crowd stepped aside and made way for him immediately. Lu Yuzhen walked past them and stood beside Xia Micheng. He then held out his large hand before wrapping it around her soft and slim waist naturally, proving his point to everyone in the room with such an intimate move.
  • Xia Micheng struggled to free herself from his grasp for a while; she had no idea what Lu Yuzhen was about to do. At that moment, Lu Yuzhen lowered his handsome face and gave her a warning look. “Don’t move, I’m here to help you!”
  • Xia Micheng’s long eyelashes quivered; the only person she did not want to hurt the most was Lu Xinang; after all, this matter was between her and Lu Yuzhen. With the sudden appearance of Lu Yuzhen at that moment, it could help free Lu Xinang from the scandal completely, so Xia Micheng stopped moving.
  • Suddenly, the reporters placed their microphones in front of Lu Yuzhen simultaneously; all of them were very excited.
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