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Chapter 613 To Fall in Love With Her Twice

  • Mrs. Wu could not believe her eyes at all! The Young Master was an obedient child. He would use words instead of force. So, who was the b*stard that beat him up like that?
  • “Young Master, please take a seat quickly. I will get the first aid kit to dress your wounds.” Following that, Mrs. Wu went to look for the first aid kit in an anxious manner.
  • Lu Yuzhen sat on the couch. On the other hand, Lu Zhengzhe looked at his son. “Since when did you learn how to get into a fight with another person? Why did you do that? Is it because of a woman?”
  • Lu Yuzhen lowered his handsome gaze before he leaned his broad back lazily against the cushion. Then, he replied sluggishly, “Yes.”
  • He admitted it. He got into a fight with another person because of a woman. He had wanted to beat up Xu Shaonan a long time ago; he had been holding back till now. When he recalled Xu Shaonan’s hand around Xia Micheng’s shoulder, he wished he could break that exact hand there and then.
  • Lu Zhengzhe crossed his elegant legs together. Mrs. Lu had already fallen asleep. His original intention was to wait for Lu Yuzhen anyway. Currently, there was an English version of a business newspaper in his hands. He was wearing a gray, round-neck sweater which he usually wore around the house. He looked elegant and reserved. “Did you win? Did you manage to obtain the woman?”
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