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Chapter 752 This Is Unfair!

  • Everyone began mocking Xia Micheng.
  • Xia Micheng was used to that, so she remained absolutely calm without turning a hair right now; she simply pretended that they were non-existent since she couldn’t be bothered with them right now.
  • As she remained totally unfazed, everyone felt that their efforts at provoking her had all gone down the drain. Compared to her calm and indifferent attitude, they were simply asking for a snub by embarrassing themselves.
  • Therefore, they shut up in embarrassment.
  • It was then that Ye Zi broke the silence by saying, “Alright, let’s look at Radio Station D’s listenership report. I only got these two reports today.”
  • As she spoke, she opened Radio Station D’s listenership report, but her entire body froze as soon as she took a glance at it.
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