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Chapter 1727 Stop Thinking Delusional Thoughts

  • Ye Yuan felt bad if she rejected him, so she nodded. “Sure.”
  • A group of them went to a luxury private room in a 6-star restaurant. During the car ride, Jin Hua gave Ye Yuan her phone. “Look, Yuan! Your cheongsam debut picture was released 25 minutes ago, but it’s already trending now! That picture was shared and commented on more than a billion times in just 25 minutes! Yuan, I really have to say that you’re the best celebrity among all the celebrities under me. You’re the best project that I was ever involved in.”
  • Ye Yuan tapped on the top comments.
  • ‘Oh my God! Ye Yuan is so stunning in a cheongsam.’
  • ‘I can’t believe that I was attacked by such beauty the moment I opened Twitter! Goddess Yuan, you can do this!’
  • ‘Another day of fangirling today. I’ll admit that I’m a shallow person because I stan Yuan for her beauty.’
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