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Chapter 1607 Caught in the Act

  • Gu Longfan’s first encounter with Chen Yuanyuan was on a chartered flight. At that time, the flight was showing a literary film. Chen Yuanyuan had not met him yet and was only another hardworking employee who took on a small role in the film. Even so, she had to beg for that small role.
  • At that moment, Gu Longfan raised his head and accidentally took a glance at the scene in the literary film where Chen Yuanyuan was standing under the sunshine and called out to the male lead, ‘Captain!’
  • Chen Yuanyuan had not foreseen that her line would change her life. From then on, endless fortune and wealth kept coming her way.
  • After the film was played in theaters, it did not become popular; she was the only actress to become popular. The female lead in that film used to ignore or act haughtily at Chen Yuanyuan. But now, that actress did not even have the status to associate with Chen Yuanyuan. Everyone could not help but agree that fate was a wonderful thing. None of them could expect that Chen Yuanyuan would be so fortunate.
  • Gu Longfan looked at her face in his palm, but his mind was replaying the scene at Phoenix Palace, where he pushed the door open and was greeted by Ye Yuan who swayed her lovely figure as she walked toward him. In his eyes, he could not register any display of coyness by Chen Yuanyuan anymore. He could only feel the sudden lust in his body, making him feel that she asked for it.
  • She asked for it!
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