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Chapter 597 Xia Micheng Has Barged Into the Lu Residence

  • It was a great opportunity to marry Liu Yingluo as she was already an 18-year-old grown woman. Lu Zhengzhe did not wait for this opportunity, but he was waiting for her to grow up. She would have to marry someone sooner or later if he never proposed to her.
  • He didn’t need a political marriage. He just wanted to marry a woman he loved and grow old with her.
  • He was 27 years old, and she was 19 years old when they married. Both of them were in their prime years. He built a maiden room for her to live in, thereby making their love story a fairytale in Beijing.
  • However, deep down in his heart, he knew that Liu Yingluo did not willingly marry him. He remembered clearly what happened on their wedding night as if it had just happened last night.
  • She was locked in the bridal room while he was entertaining the guests outside. There was a woman in his room. The woman he loved had become his wife, waiting for him in the bridal room, so he was absent-minded when he was drinking with the guests.
  • Li Zhanming made fun of him. “Zhengzhe, are you thinking about your bride? You’re going to lose your virginity soon, huh? It’s exciting, isn't it?”
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