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Chapter 1372 Healing Himself

  • Staring at the couple who were teasing each other, Wu couldn’t understand why his young master came here to be tortured. In the middle of the night, their public display of affection was not any lesser at all.
  • “Young Master, why don’t you go ahead and greet Ms. Xia if you want to see her? Ms. Xia and Young Master Lu are about to leave now,” Wu said.
  • Lu Xinang stared at Xia Micheng and shook his head slowly as he answered in a soft voice, “She’s living happily now and the best thing I can do for her is to leave her alone. I’m content just looking at her from afar.”
  • She loved Lu Yuzhen deeply in her heart and her three children were growing up fine. In terms of seniority in the family, she was his sister-in-law. The best way for him to treat her would be to not disrupt her or put her in a difficult position, so that she could be carefree and continue to live happily like this.
  • In the future, she wouldn’t know that he loved her; it was sufficient that he knew it himself.
  • Soon, Lu Yuzhen and Xia Micheng disappeared from his vision.
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