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Chapter 630 She Had Lost Her Love!

  • However, the story was over before it even started. Staring at Li Yuntong and Lu Yuzhen’s intimate gestures, Lan Feng cursed silently in her heart. He’s such a player!
  • Lu Yuzhen glanced at Lan Feng and said to Li Yuntong with his deep voice, “Let’s go back.”
  • Li Yuntong’s heart sank because Lu Yuzhen did not take her side.
  • However, that made her calm down. She said with a sweet smile, “Okay, let's go back. Your father wants us to go back early so that we all can have dinner together today. Tomorrow is our engagement ceremony. There are many things to prepare. Let’s go, Yuzhen.”
  • The engagement ceremony is tomorrow?
  • Xia Micheng, who was quiet until now, suddenly raised her head and looked at Lu Yuzhen. He’s really going to get engaged with Li Yuntong?
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