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Chapter 751 Radio Listenership Report

  • As far as Xia Micheng remembered, Lu Yuzhen was a person who would never wage a war of words against netizens of every sort, but he had actually done it.
  • The entertainment newspaper had even featured its headline in a double spread for the first time. The other page in the double spread had a sensational title that wrote, ‘Radio Station D’s mysterious pervert’s true colors revealed: Lu Yuzhen, the chairman of Lu Group!’
  • After putting the entertainment newspaper down, Xia Micheng quickly went back into her room. She put on a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a mask to muffle herself up before having the courage to go out; she really had no idea what Lu Yuzhen was doing by kicking up such a great fuss. Now that both of them had made it to the hot search on Twitter thanks to him, she would be waiting to see how he was going to solve this mess!
  • Xia Micheng went to the Academy of Sciences’ radio station. Even though she had muffled herself up from head to toe, everyone still recognized her at a glance, and all of them threw criticisms at her.
  • Xia Micheng could only enter Radio Station D while assuming a normal expression since she couldn’t defend herself at all. She could never explain what had actually happened; the more she tried to do so, the worse the situation would be.
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