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Chapter 110 Winning His Heart

  • Ye Yuan dragged Xia Micheng into a nail boutique and said, “Come on, let’s get a manicure.”
  • Xia Micheng never had a manicure before. Back then, she had always been studying and making her own pills and remedies, so she never had the time to spare on her appearance.
  • However, many girls nowadays got manicures to make themselves look even prettier; men were unable to resist beautiful women.
  • The manicurist asked, “Hi ladies, what kind of nails do you want today? Do you need any recommendations?”
  • Ye Yuan’s bright red lips curved up. “Thank you, miss, but we’ll pick our own designs.”
  • Ye Yuan’s sense of fashion and knowledge of trends was outstanding. With her around, they didn’t need any sort of recommendations.
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