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Chapter 1250 Dna Paternity Test

  • Lu Yuzhen picked Yi up and placed her into a child safety seat while fastening the seat belt around her. After that, he closed the back car door, and he was just about to get into the driver’s seat when Mrs. Su rushed over to stop him. “Sir, thank you very much for today. However, Little Young Miss can’t go home with you—”
  • Lu Yuzhen looked up at Mrs. Su while cutting her off with a husky and seductive voice, “I am Yi’s daddy. Why can’t I take my daughter home?”
  • What?
  • I did hear Lu Yuzhen claiming that he was Yi’s daddy in the kindergarten. However, I just thought he was lying to protect Yi’s innocence under the circumstances.
  • Mrs. Su felt a buzzing in her ear now that she heard Lu Yuzhen firmly repeating the fact that Yi was his daughter.
  • Is… Is the man in front of me truly… the Prince Consort?
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