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Chapter 1155 First Encounter With Lu Chikai

  • No, I’m not admitting that I’m falling for her emotionally. I just mistook her for Xia Micheng. But... Lu Yuzhen felt that he was deceiving himself as he was still thinking of the assistant just now—she had already controlled his emotions. What is going on with me?
  • Shangguan Ruofu had observed the situation upstairs. Sure enough, Lu Yuzhen had chased Xia Micheng out of the room. Haha! This is too fun! Lu Yuzhen must hate Xia Micheng by now! “Xia Micheng, how does it feel to be hated by the man you love? It doesn’t feel too good, right?” She walked forward to mock Xia Micheng quickly.
  • However, Xia Micheng merely looked at Shangguan Ruofu briefly before turning around to walk downstairs.
  • Shangguan Ruofu was frustrated that Xia Micheng ignored all her taunts, but she continued to follow the latter, adding, “Xia Micheng, I thought you trusted Lu Yuzhen? Didn’t you say that he will break the Seducing Charm of the Mermaid Clan? Look at him now! He isn’t able to do that! He mistakes me for you and he doesn’t even recognize you even though you are right in front of him! Do you still have the courage to say that you’ve not lost?”
  • However, Xia Micheng ignored Shangguan Ruofu and immediately walked to the living room. Looking at Xia Micheng’s calm figure, Shangguan Ruofu gritted her teeth resentfully. In terms of elegance, Xia Micheng had completely outshone her each time.
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