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Chapter 1080 Caught Red-Handed

  • Lu Yuzhen walked away after saying his piece.
  • Shangguan Ruofu stood rooted to the spot, and she felt as if she was drenched by a bucket of ice water. She felt utterly humiliated and embarrassed.
  • Lu Yuzhen has never promised me anything in the past three years, but I am sure he treats me differently. I’ve always been confident that I’d be able to be by his side. However, Lu Yuzhen’s speech earlier completely smashed my dreams.
  • It turns out that I’ve been treated differently because I’m just a shadow. Now that the original person, Xia Micheng, is back, he is tossing me, the subpar imitation, away.
  • Resentment flashed across Shangguan Ruofu’s eyes as she glared at Xia Micheng, who was dancing on the dancefloor.
  • Coincidentally, a female servant approached her, and Shangguan Ruofu met her gaze. The female servant nodded before leaving in silence.
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