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Chapter 724 Lu Yuchen Was Hopelessly in Love With Xia Micheng

  • The person dropped to the floor in utter shock; no one would have expected such a life-threatening incident to happen during an ordinary birthday feast. Xia Micheng was dead!
  • What?
  • Everyone crowded around to have a look at Xia Micheng. As she lay still on the ground with her eyes shut, her appearance looked ghastly pale; it was as if blood had been drained from her face. There were no signs of life on her.
  • I-Is she really dead?
  • It could be said that Xia Micheng was the star of the party; she had first gotten pampered by the Old Mistress of the Li Family, and the two siblings of the Li Family had wrestled over her later on. Moments earlier, she performed a beautiful dance which had fascinated many among the crowd. Sadly, such a resplendent life ended up lifelessly on the ground by the end of the night.
  • Everyone heaved heavy sighs continuously.
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