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Chapter 85 Vanity

  • Xia Chunyang hurled the divorce agreement with tremendous strength. It landed on Li Qianhui’s face with a smack, causing her to feel pain.
  • “What’s this?” Li Qianhui lowered her head to see the words ‘Divorce Agreement’ coming into her sight. “Divorce? Xia Chunyang, are you… are you divorcing me?”
  • She stared at Xia Chunyang in disbelief as her whole body began trembling.
  • Xia Chunyang’s face was as black as thunder. “You should go outside and listen to what everyone is saying about me. I have lost all my dignity, Xia Medical is going bankrupt, and the Xia Family is going to meet its doom in my hands. This is all because of you, Li Qianhui!”
  • “Because of me?” Li Qianhui was enraged; she clutched the bed sheet tightly and growled, “Xia Chunyang, why don’t you ask yourself on how I have been helping you ever since we got married? I have dedicated so much for you and the Xia Family!”
  • Xia Chunyang sneered in response. He stared at her with a grim look, “Have I asked you to sleep with other men? Li Qianhui, you’re nothing but a b*tch!”
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