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Chapter 589 Don’t Pull a Reverse Psychology Trick on Me

  • Xia Micheng was dissatisfied with the outcome, as she did not want to be auctioned off to Xu Shaonan. She looked at Lu Yuzhen, who surprisingly stopped bidding at 1.2 billion. It was not his normal boss behavior. Isn’t he a belligerent big-spender since he is so wealthy?
  • However, Xia Micheng only saw his sturdy but heartless back turned at her because he was uninterested in whatever happened next and preferred to leave the scene.
  • Xia Micheng was sent to a luxurious VIP suite in the winery. She waited for a while before the door was pushed open, and Xu Shaonan walked in. He squinted his sloe eyes and sized her up from head to toe, the arc of his lips seeming devilish and lackadaisical. “Miss Ugly, I didn’t know you look like this.”
  • Since he had recognized her, she gracefully admitted it. Batting her lashes playfully, she smiled and purred, “Mr. Xu, thank you for helping me out this time. I’ll buy you a meal another day. I have something else going on, so I will leave now!”
  • She took a stride to leave the room but was blocked by Xu Shaonan.
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