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Chapter 1190 Shangguan Xu Has Lost All Control!

  • Sparks of lust and passion darted across Shangguan Xu’s eyes as he stared at Xia Micheng with a fierce and intense gaze. He lifted his hand and ran his fingertips across Xia Micheng’s flawless, petite face.
  • “King Jiuling!” Xia Micheng quickly dodged away as she stared at him, her eyes were clear and sober. “King Jiuling, you’re under the Mermaid Clan’s seducing charm. You have to remain clear-headed and rational. Let me go. I’ll treat you with my needle. I can help you!”
  • Shangguan Xu regained bits of clarity as he heard Xia Micheng’s distinct voice in his ears. He forced himself to release Xia Micheng. “Princess Lanlou, hurry up and leave now!” he muttered under his breath.
  • Xia Micheng quickly picked the silver needle up from the ground. “King Jiuling, we’re in this together. I won’t leave you here alone. Hurry up and close your eyes. Get rid of all your disruptive thoughts. I’ll perform an acupuncture treatment on you.”
  • Shangguan Xu sat on the couch and closed his eyes obediently.
  • Xia Micheng began to perform her acupuncture treatment.
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