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Chapter 22 How Many Men Did She Even Have?

  • Xia Micheng sat up from her bed and she reread the message he had sent her three times. In the end, her fingertips shuddered as she sent a message to him. ‘Perv!’
  • At the word ‘Perv’, Lu Yuzhen cocked a slender eyebrow as a low chuckle escaped his throat in amusement.
  • She was normally intelligent and calm, so she would rarely get herself worked up into a tizzy. He knew he was making her mad.
  • Lu Yuzhen leisurely replied, ‘Trying to scold me? Just wait till I come back!’
  • ……
  • Xia Micheng lay back in bed; her face was so red that she looked just like a cooked prawn right now. His last message that read, ‘Just wait till I come back’ was still glaring at her in the face; she could not bear to stare at it directly.
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