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Chapter 438 Xia Micheng Took Back the Medical Codex

  • Xia Micheng thought she would be happy, which was the exact opposite of reality. Looking around the spacious Xia Residence, she recalled her blessed childhood here, when there was bright sunshine and laughter between the family members. Now, this residence had become deserted and desolate. Nobody is a winner, she thought.
  • She pushed open Xia Keke’s room. If possible, she would never want to set foot in the room where Lu Yuzhen had sex with her sister. Her heart ached at the thought of it. However, she had to come here, for she would need to find her mommy’s medical codex.
  • As she opened Xia Keke’s drawers, she found the medical codex in one drawer at the bottom. Sitting on a chair, she opened the medical codex. Upon seeing the first page, her eyes welled up, because she saw her mom’s handwriting. Its the words mommy had left behind...
  • Drip. A tear dropped from her cheek and spread across the paper.
  • Micheng, walk slowly. You might trip yourself. My Little Micheng is so beautiful. Youre my princess.
  • She could hear sounds from the distant past, when her mommy would carry her in the arms, and she would roll and laugh in her tender and loving embrace.
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