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Chapter 1306 Domestic Violence

  • The fat man immediately became less assertive as compared to Lu Yuzhen. “W-Who are you? Why are you suddenly barging into my private room and—” Before he could finish his sentence, two of the bodyguards stepped forward to take the whip away from him and immediately buckled him.
  • “Hey, let go of me! You… You are infringing on my personal rights here! What do you want?” The man struggled against them.
  • Lu Yuzhen walked to Shen Xiaolian in large strides. Shen Xiaolian was weakened from the beatings that she looked like she would pass out at any time. She raised her head powerlessly and looked at him with a pair of wide eyes pitifully. “S-Sir, thank you...”
  • Chong Wen walked forward to untie the ropes and free her. As soon as she was freed, she immediately tumbled over to Lu Yuzhen. He stretched out his strong arms and picked her soft body up.
  • Lying in Lu Yuzhen’s arms, tears rolled down Shen Xiaolian’s cheeks immediately as she looked at him in a daze. “W-Why do you look so familiar to me? What is your name? Why do you appear every time I’m in despair?”
  • At this time, the fat man berated, “Shen Xiaolian, I’m still here! Yet you are flirting with other men right in front of me! Am I dead to you? Mister, Shen Xiaolian is my wife and we are legally married. You better not interfere in our affairs!”
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