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Chapter 1197 Blind Date

  • Lu Yuzhen was rendered speechless. And if I were to be just a little mean to their mommy, these two little guys would take turns to come and interrogate me!
  • What double standards!
  • Father and son were silent for a moment before coming back to the main topic. Lu Yuzhen asked, “Have you found the hiding place of Concubine Hua?”
  • Lu Yuzhen had been able to break the Demon’s Bell enchantment of the Mermaid Clan at Jiuling Palace, and he had guessed that the fake Xia Micheng who was with him was in fact Shangguan Ruofu. But in order not to alert the enemy, he had played along with her, deceiving the enemies.
  • Lu Chikai nodded. “Yes, I’ve found that out. But this Concubine Hua is quite sly; I haven’t found Mommy’s maidservant, Aunty Qing.”
  • As long as Qing is not found, we’re still one step behind. Lu Yuzhen frowned and asked, “Lu Chikai, what do you plan to do?”
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