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Chapter 1696 I’m Now Your Master

  • “S-Sir, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I know I’m not supposed to come in. I-It’s Lin Hurou who told me to come in!”
  • Li Zhanming’s lips pressed into a thin line. “What did you say?”
  • Lin Hurou told her to come in?
  • Qian had been way too jealous of Lin Hurou, so she had thought of a great plan. She would wear this sexy uniform first and be one step ahead of Lin Hurou in seducing Li Zhanming.
  • Qian was overconfident in her own figure. She believed that Li Zhanming would not be able to refuse her body, so if she took the initiative to climb into his bed, she would surely become the mistress of this house!
  • Who knew that Li Zhanming was so heartless to her? Now all Qian wanted to do was to save her own skin.
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