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Chapter 1301 An Erotic Dream

  • Thirty years had flitted past in just a blink of an eye and Lu Zhengzhe had grown from a handsome young man to a mature middle-age man. However, the woman he was chasing all the while was still Liu Yingluo. No one could be more loyal and persistent than Lu Zhengzhe in this aspect. He merely wanted to dote on her and love her for his entire life.
  • “Aunty Yingluo, why don’t you take a break from designing and drink this glass of warm milk first?” Xia Micheng walked over and passed a glass of warm milk to her.
  • Liu Yingluo put down a pencil to take the glass in her hands. “Cheng, you came just at the right time. I have something to ask you.”
  • Xia Micheng’s heart sank, remembering her mother saying that Aunty Yingluo was acting weird. Am I going to find out something now? Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked at Liu Yingluo, unable to hide her interest for a good gossip in her clear eyes. “Aunty Yingluo, fire away. If I know anything, I’ll definitely answer you truthfully.”
  • “It’s nothing much actually.” A hint of awkwardness lingered in her almond-shaped eyes. “A few days ago, I had a dream, but the dream was so real...”
  • “What kind of dream?”
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