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Chapter 573 See You in the Joint Examination

  • Everyone took a deep breath upon hearing Xia Micheng’s bold words. What is she doing? Is she challenging Li Yuntong, the prettiest and smartest student of University T?
  • Li Yuntong wasn’t only popular but was also diligent, which was evident in the answers she submitted in the exam. Therefore, it was no wonder she was Vice-Chancellor Zhou’s favorite student whom he had high hopes for, hence no one actually dared to challenge her.
  • Xia Micheng didn’t make it into University T; instead, she got accepted to University A. Yet, she, as a newcomer, just openly issued a challenge to Li Yuntong. No one could believe what they just saw while they gazed at her in shock. How is she so brave?
  • “Xia Micheng, are you for real? Do you really want to challenge me? Why don’t you take your time to rethink your decision? Because I have a feeling, it’d make me look like I’m bullying you.” Li Yuntong taunted with a smile.
  • Li Yuntong was undoubtedly confident, even thinking lightly of what Xia Micheng could achieve in the joint examination. After all, this was not a beauty pageant but a battle of knowledge and wisdom.
  • With the morning sun casting a golden hue across the sky, the sunlight’s rays shone on Xia Micheng while she stared at Li Yuntong. “Li Yuntong, let me tell you what I just said again in case you didn’t hear me. I will challenge you in the joint exam. Do you dare accept it?”
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