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Chapter 734 So It’s Always Been Him

  • What?
  • Xia Micheng’s pupils shrank rapidly. Lu Yuzhen was the one who saved her that time as well?
  • Xia Gu spoke up, “Micheng, Lu Yuzhen was indeed the one who saved you that time. Those men had dragged you into their car, so Lu Yuzhen chased after them in his own vehicle; he crashed his Rolls-Royce Phantom into them and rescued you later on, but he ended up sustaining heavy injuries from that. Apparently, his right arm was permanently damaged from the crash, and he can no longer lift anything heavy with it.”
  • Xia Micheng stood rooted to the spot. She hadn’t thought that the truth would be like this; every time she was in danger, he was always the one to save her.
  • So, he’s the one who’s been saving me!
  • However, why is he doing it?
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